An integrated project team at Sygnature Discovery worked collaboratively to design, synthesise, and support the pre-clinical development of Inobrodib, a new, first-in-class oral anti-cancer drug being developed by CellCentric.


What are Androgens?

Androgens are ‘male hormones’ including testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. They carry out their actions through a receptor called Androgen Receptor (AR), which is expressed on many cell types and therefore plays crucial roles in the development and function of many systems in the body including the reproductive, musculoskeletal, immune, and cardiovascular. Owing to the diverse function of the AR in different cells, defects in its mediation have been implicated in the development and ‘drug-resistance’ of some cancers in the prostate, bladder, liver, kidney, and lung.

How Inobrodib works

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What Inobrodib does is it binds to two proteins that are needed for the activation of AR. The targeted blockage of Cyclic adenosine monophosphate Response Element Binding protein (CREB-binding protein, CBP) and E1A-associated protein p300 (p300) means that the growth of cancers in AR-positive cells could be inhibited.

This is a major breakthrough because the proliferation of many cancer cells that rely on AR/P300/CBP activation such as in prostate, lymphomas, and lung, bladder, and breast cancers may effectively be inhibited.
Top of it all, Inobrodib can be taken orally!


Congratulations to the team at Sygnature Discovery and CellCentric!