Intraoperative Nursing Management Quiz

Intraoperative Nursing Management
Intraoperative Nursing Management Quiz

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Intraoperative Nursing Management Quiz

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1. If an operating room nurse is to assist a patient to the Trendelenburg position, he or she would place him:

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2. Recent research has indicated that inadvertent hypothermia in gerontologic patients can be effectively and inexpensively prevented by:

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3. Epinephrine is often used in combination with a local infiltration anesthetic, because it:

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4. There are four stages to general anesthesia. An unconscious patient with normal pulse and respirations is considered to be in the stage known as:

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5. A nurse knows that perioperative risks increase with age because:

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6. A factor involved in postspinal anesthesia headaches is the:

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7. Postoperative nursing assessment for a patient who has received a depolarizing neuromuscular blocking agent includes careful monitoring of the:

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8. An example of a stable and safe nondepolarizing muscle relaxant is:

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9. Currently, the most commonly used volatile liquid anesthetic agent is:

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10. A local infiltration anesthetic can last for up to:

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11. The circulating nurse’s responsibilities, in contrast to the scrub nurse’s responsibilities, include:

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12. Preoperatively, an anesthesiologist is responsible for:

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13. The nurse caring for a patient who is at risk for malignant hyperthermia subsequent to general anesthesia would assess for the most common early sign of:

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14. The nurse should know that, postoperatively, a general anesthetic is primarily eliminated by:

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15. An intravenous anesthetic that has a powerful respiratory depressant effect sufficient to cause apnea and cardiovascular depression is:


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