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Health assessment of patients quiz 1

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1. Which action is correct for the nurse to take when examining the ear of an 18-month-old boy?

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2. In which situation would it be most appropriate to perform a comprehensive health history assessment on a client?

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3. A client is being cared for after a traumatic brain injury. During an initial assessment, the nurse performs the Glasgow Coma Scale and gives the client a score of 8. Which of the following responses from the nurse is appropriate to manage the client’s respiratory rate?

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4. While the nurse is obtaining a health history, the patient tells the nurse, “I am so tired, I can hardly function.” What is the nurse’s best action at this time?

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5. During palpation of a client’s abdomen to check for an abdominal aortic aneurysm during a physical assessment, which part of the hand would the nurse most likely use to palpate for this finding?

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6. The physician is performing an assessment of a client’s abdomen. Upon palpation, the physician feels an abnormal lump in the left upper quadrant that is extremely painful for the client. The physician is likely palpating which of the following?

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7. When listening to a client’s heart sounds during auscultation, which sounds would most likely be heard using the bell of the stethoscope?

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8. What is the correct sequence of examination techniques that should be used when assessing the patient’s abdomen?

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9. The physician prepares to interview a patient for a history but finds the patient in obvious pain. Which action by the physician is the best at this time?

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10. When performing a physical examination, what approach is most important for the nurse to use?

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11. A nurse needs to assess posterior lung sounds in a client. In which position would it be most appropriate to place this client?

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12. What is the term used for assessment data that the patient tells you about?

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13. The nurse is caring for a client who arrives at the emergency department after falling down multiple times. Upon initial assessment, the client states, “I am so dizzy I can’t stay standing up.” What is the nurse’s first priority?

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14. The following assessment tools can be used to assess the cardiovascular system EXCEPT?

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15. What is an example of a pertinent negative finding during a physical examination?


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Health assessment of patients quiz 2

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1. Which test is the nurse performing when a vibrating tuning fork is placed on top of a client’s head and the client is asked if sound is heard equally in both ears?

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2. Which is the best approach to gathering information about diet as part of a client assessment?

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3. Which type of abuse is the nurse most likely to discover when assessing the elderly?

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4. During a presentation at a health fair, a client asks about the cause of presbyopia. On which information should the nurse’s response be based?_x000D_Presbyopia results when the___

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5. When using an ophthalmoscope to assess a 3-year old girl’s eyes, for what does the nurse look?

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6. When assessing an adolescent, which structures would the nurse examine last?

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7. A client with right heart failure asks what the right side of the heart does. The nurse’s response is based on the fact that the right ventricle pumps deoxygenated blood through the___

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8. When assessing the abdomen of a client who is complaining of diarrhea, which finding would the nurse expect?

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9. In order to localize a symptom, which direction should the nurse give a client?

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10. When a client complains of right knee pain, which areas should the nurse examine?

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11. When shining a light in a client’s eye, which reaction would the nurse interpret as normal? The pupils:

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12. When testing a client’s ability to identify odors, the nurse is assessing the function of which cranial nerve?

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13. Which test is an indicator of coordination?

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14. During a skin assessment, a client asks a question about what the skin does. The nurse’s response would be based on the knowledge that the functions of the skin are EXCEPT?


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