Assessment of Musculoskeletal function Quiz

musculoskeletal system quiz
Assessment of Musculoskeletal function quiz

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Assessment of Musculoskeletal function quiz

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1. The vertebrae can be classified as a type of:

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2. The primary energy source for muscle cells is:

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3. About 3 weeks after fracture, an internal bridge of fibrous material, cartilage, and immature bone joins bone fragments so that ossification can occur. The building of a “fracture bridge” occurs during the stage of bone healing known as:

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4. By age 75 years, the average woman is susceptible to bone fractures and has lost about what percentage of cancellous bone?

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5. The hip and shoulder are examples of diarthroses joints that are classified as:

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6. Isometric contraction of the vastus lateralis is part of the exercises known as:

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7. The removal of synovial fluid from a joint is called:

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8. The sternum, a bone that is a site for hematopoiesis, is classified as a:

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9. Patient education for musculoskeletal conditions for the aging is based on the understanding that there is a gradual loss of bone after a peak of bone mass at age:

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10. The basic cells responsible only for the formation of bone matrix are:


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