urinary system assessment quiz

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Assessment of kidney/urinary system quiz 1

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1. Which renal change associated with aging does the nurse expect an older adult patient to report?

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2. Vitamin D is converted to its active form in the kidney. If this function fails, which electrolyte imbalance will occur?

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3. Damage to which renal structure or tissues can change the actual production of urine?

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4. An elderly patient has been in bed for several days after a fall. The nurse encourages ambulation to stimulate the movement of urine through the ureter by what phenomenon?

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5.   The normal quantity of water ingested and excreted in the urine is approximately:

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6.   A 24-hour urine collection is scheduled to begin at 8:00 AM. The nurse should begin the procedure:

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7. Impairment in the thirst mechanism associated with aging makes an older adult patient more vulnerable to which disorder?

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8. Increased blood osmolality will result in:

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9. A major manifestation of uremia is:

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10. A cystoscope allows visualization of the:

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11. Which hematologic disorder is most likely to occur if the hormonal function of the kidneys is not working properly?

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12. Which patient is most likely to exceed the renal threshold if there is noncompliance with the prescribed therapeutic regimen?

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13. The nurse is caring for a patient who sustained major injuries in an automobile accident. Which blood pressure will result in compromised kidney function, in particular the glomerular filtration rate (GFR)?

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14. Based on the nurse’s knowledge of the normal function of the kidney, which large particles are not found in the urine because they are too large to filter through the glomerular capillary walls? (Select all that apply.)

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15. An older adult male patient has a history of an enlarged prostate. The patient is most likely to report which symptom associated with this condition?

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16. In which circumstance is the regulatory role of aldosterone most important in order for the person to maintain homeostasis?

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17. Which personal action is most likely to cause the kidneys to produce and release erythropoietin?

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18. A major sensitive indicator of kidney disease is the

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19. Mastering voluntary micturition is a normal developmental task for which person?

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20.   An abnormal constituent of urine is:

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21. Which event is most likely to trigger renin production?

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22. . Oliguria is said to be present when urinary output is:

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23. Nursing management after a renal brush biopsy includes:

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24. Which hormone is released from the posterior pituitary and makes the distal convoluted tubule and the collecting duct permeable to water to maximize reabsorption and produce concentrated urine?

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25. What is the average urine output of a healthy adult for a 24-hour period?


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