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This post covers questions on pancreatic disorders.

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Assessment and management of pancreatic disorders quiz 1

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1. A patient with acute pancreatitis has a nursing diagnosis of acute pain resulting from distension of the pancreas and peritoneal irritation. In addition to effective use of analgesics, what should the nurse include in this patient’s plan of care?

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2. The nurse is teaching a patient with chronic pancreatitis on measures to prevent further attacks. What information should be provided (select all that apply)?

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3. Combined with clinical manifestations, what is the laboratory finding that is most commonly used to diagnose acute pancreatitis?

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4.  A major symptom of pancreatitis that brings the patient to medical care is___

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5.  Mild acute pancreatitis is characterized by___

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6.  The risk for pancreatic cancer is directly proportional to___

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7. What treatment measure is used in managing the patient with acute pancreatitis?

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8. The nurse determines that further discharge instruction is needed when the patient with acute pancreatitis makes which statement?

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9. What is the patient with chronic pancreatitis more likely to have than the patient with acute pancreatitis?

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10. Which complication of acute pancreatitis requires prompt surgical drainage to prevent sepsis?

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11. When assessing a patient with acute pancreatitis, the nurse would expect to find___

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12. With pancreatic carcinoma, insulin deficiency is suspected when the patient evidences___

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13. Zollinger–Ellison tumors are associated with hypersecretion of___


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