1. Establish rapport and explain procedure to client
  2. Ensure client is comfortable and provide privacy
  3. Ask about the number of previous pregnancies and what happened in each case
  4. Ask for intervals between pregnancies and any ill health
  5. Enquire about number of tetanol injections received in life time
  6. Ask about the mode, place of delivery and duration of labour for each child
  7. Enquire if delivery of placenta for each child was normal and the amount of blood loss in each
  8. Ask about any ill health following each delivery
  9. Enquire about the condition, sex and weight of each baby at birth
  10. Ask about any ill health of each baby and at what age
  11. Ask if babies were breast fed and for how long
  12. Ask type of family planning method used
  13. Enquire about immunization of babies
  14. Ask about family support
  15. Thank client, record and report findings