1. Explain procedure to patient, wash hands and prepare meal tray with food, spoon, a jug of drinking water, cup and napkins.
  2. Offer bedpan if required before feeding is started.
  3. Put patient in a comfortable position, wash and dry hands.
  4. Give patient a mouth wash.
  5. Bring food in a tray to patient’s bedside and protect patient’s clothing with a napkin.
  6. Ensure patient is in a comfortable position and ask if prayer is preferred.
  7. Take food by spoon in small bits into patient’s mouth.
  8. Allow patient time to chew and swallow.
  9. Continue feeding until patient is satisfied.
  10. Give water intermittently as required by patient and after feeding.
  11. Clean patient’s lips and give a mouth wash.
  12. Remove napkin and make patient comfortable.
  13. Congratulate patient and discard tray.
  14. Wash hands and document in nurses’ notes.