1. Explain procedure to patient and provide privacy.
  2. Prepare and take tray to bedside.
  3. Position patient as for catheterization.
  4. Place mackintosh and dressing towel beneath the patient and around genital area.
  5. Wash and dry hands.
  6. Don gloves and place towel between the legs of the female patient/on the thighs of the male patient.
  7. Insert the syringe into the injection port of catheter and redraw water from the balloon.
  8. Withdraw the catheter gently and place in the waste receptacle.
  9. Dry the perineal area with a towel.
  10. Measure urine in the drainage bag taking note of its colour and remove gloves.
  11. Thank patient and discard used items.
  12. Wash hands and document findings in nurses’ notes making sure to include findings in step no. 10