1. Explain the importance of keeping the fluid balance chart to patient to patient to gain his/her co-operation.
  2. Explain the role patient has to play to him/her.
  3. Get requirement e.g. measuring jugs for intake and output, fluid chart and pen.
  4. Wash and dry hands, don gloves if applicable.
  5. Record in millilitres the amount of infusion/transfusion and other fluid intake and output at intake column.
  6. Record in millilitres any output such as urine, watery stool, vomitus at output column.
  7. Total intake and output for 24 hours depending on hospital’s policy.
  8. Find fluid balance by subtracting output from intake.
  9. Document findings (Characteristic of the output)
  10. Inform the nurse in charge/doctor immediately if amount of output is greater than the amount taken in or when there is abnormally low output.