1. Identify and check for the right patient, right medication, right time, right dose, ensure patient’s right to know/consent and to refuse.
  2. Explain procedure to patient and provide privacy.
  3. Prepare and take tray to patient’s bedside.
  4. Check details again with patient’s treatment sheet.
  5. Wash and dry hands.
  6. Assemble syringe and needle using sterile technique.
  7. File and break ampoule or remove metal cap of vial with a clean swab, draw medication and discard.
  8. Replace needle with a new one and expel air.
  9. Assist patient into a required position and expose site for injection.
  10. Clean injection site dipped in antiseptic solution (i.e. upper outer quadrant for buttocks and outer aspect for thigh).
  11. Insert the needle quickly and firmly deep into the muscle at right angle.
  12. Withdraw piston a little to ensure needle is not in the blood vessel (if blood appears withdraw needle).
  13. Push to release medication into the tissue.
  14. Withdraw the syringe and needle quickly and with a swab gently apply pressure to the site of injection.
  15. Discard syringe and needle into a safety box.
  16. Thank patient and leave him/her comfortable in bed.
  17. Wash and dry hands, document any findings and sign treatment chart.