1. Explain procedure to patient and ensure his/her co-operation and provide privacy.
  2. Wash dry, hands and prepare trolley with the following items:
  3. Top shelve

i. Sterile fenestrated drape, sterile gallipot with sterile cotton wool swabs.

ii. Sterile gallipot containing antiseptic cleaning agent.

iii. Sterile dressing pack.

  1. Bottom shelve

i. Sterile gloves packs for the doctor and nurse.

ii. Pack of examination gloves.

iii. Face mask

  1. i. Receiver for soiled swabs

  ii. Receiver for used instruments

6. i.  2ml syringe for local anaesthetic agent

ii. 18G or 20G 34 spinal needle with stylet

iii. Three way stop cock

iv. Manometer

v. Adhesive strapping

7.  i. 3 labelled specimen collection tubes with stoppers

ii. Laboratory request forms

    iii. Light source (touch light)

iv. Counter scissors

v. Vital signs tray

8. i. Bring trolley to bed side and provide privacy.

ii. Wash, dry hands and open the top shelve.

9. Assist patient to lie on his/her side at the edge of the bed and assume the knee chest or fetal position.

10. Place one hand behind his/her neck and other behind his/her knees and assist patient to maintain the assumed position.