1. Explain the procedure to the patient and reassure him/her to gain co-operation.
  2. Ensure consent form has been signed.
  3. Provide privacy and instruct patient to void before the procedure.
  4. Wash and dry hands.
  5. Open the equipment tray taking care not to contaminate.
  6. Provide adequate lightening at the puncture site.
  7. Assist patient into a required position i.e. lying or sitting and support him/her.
  8. Continue to support, observe and reassure patient throughout the procedure.
  9. Wear sterile gloves and apply sterile dressing when needle is withdrawn and secure firmly with an adhesive tape.
  10. Allow patient to lie flat on the back and make him/her comfortable.
  11. Observe patient for the next 24 hours for the following:

a) Leakage from puncture site

b) Headache

c) Backache

12. Check and record vital signs.

13. Thank patient, wash and dry hands.

14. Document procedure in nurses’ notes.