1. Explain procedure to patient and reassure him/her.
  2. Prepare a trolley with the following items: gauze, antiseptic solution, plaster, bowl of water, soap and sponge, operating towel, theatre gown, vital signs tray, mackintosh and dressing towel.
  3. Send trolley to bedside and provide privacy.
  4. Place patient into desired position.
  5. Expose the area to be prepared and protect the bed clothes.
  6. Wear gloves, wash the area with soap and water.
  7. Dry and clean area antiseptic lotion.
  8. Cover area with operating towel and secure it in position with adhesive strapping.
  9. Gown patient with a clean theatre gown.
  10. Ask patient to empty bladder and remove dentures if any.
  11. Check vital signs and record.
  12. Give prescribed pre-medication when patient is ready for the theatre if necessary.
  13. Thank patient, discard trolley, wash and dry hands.
  14. Document procedure in nurses’ notes.