1. Prepare and set equipment and materials for examination
  2. Explain procedure to client
  3. Ask client to empty bladder and provide privacy
  4. Assist client unto couch and drape appropriately
  5. Wash, dry hands and put on gloves
  6. Inspect and swab the external genitalia
  7. Examine the external genitalia
  8. Perform speculium examination
  9. Inspect the vaginal wall and cervix
  10. Remove the speculum and decontaminates according to infection prevention guidelines
  11. Wet the index and middle fingers of the hand to be inserted
  12. Locate cervix and palpate the uterus
  13. Palpate the uterus and fallopian tubes using both hands, one in the vagina and other on the abdomen
  14. Remove gloves, wash and dry hands
  15. Assist woman to redress and come out of the couch
  16. Thank client for her cooperation and discuss findings with her
  17. Document findings on client’s card
  18. Dispose off used articles according to infection prevention guidelines