1. Explain procedure to patient and provide privacy.
  2. Prepare a tray and take it to the patient’s bedside.
  3. Put patient in a suitable position.
  4. Protect patient’s gown and bed linen with mackintosh and towel.
  5. Pour lotion into gallipots, wash and dry hands.
  6. Clean lips and outer part of teeth. Open mouth with padded spatula. Inspect mouth for any abnormality and remove dentures if any.
  7. Take swabs with forceps, dip into cleansing lotion and squeeze out excess.
  8. Clean mouth thoroughly but gently i.e. from inside the cheeks, both sides of gums, tongue and palate changing swabs frequently.
  9. Control movement of the tongue with the spatula.
  10. Use tooth pick to clean in between teeth.
  11. Clean mouth with water or any mouth wash.
  12. Clean lips and apply Vaseline.
  13. Make patient comfortable in bed and remove screen.
  14. Discard tray, decontaminate, wash and sterilize instruments.
  15. Wash, dry hands and document procedure.