1. Collect, arrange items on trolley and send to bedside.
  2. Arrange items in order of use on chairs or a heart table.
  3. Place bottom sheet evenly on bed and tuck the sheet under the mattress at the top using enveloped corners.
  4. Pull sheet tight so that there are no creases and tuck the sheet under the mattress at the bottom using enveloped corners.
  5. Place draw mackintosh across bed and cover with draw sheet and tuck in.
  6. Place protective dressing towel at top of bed towards the sides.
  7. Leave pillow on chair by the bed.
  8. Spread blanket on bed.
  9. Place top sheet on with the wrong side uppermost and turn back the bottom end.
  10. Fold the top bed clothes at the open side in three parts over the bed for easy admission of patient.
  11. Place a post anaesthetic tray by bed side containing vomit bowl, dressing towel, kidney dish containing swab holding forceps, dissecting forceps, tongue holding forceps and padded spatula.
  12. Arrange other bed accessories by the bedside – e.g. drip stand, bed rail, vital signs tray, medication tray, suction machine, oxygen apparatus.
  13. Wash, dry hands or use alcohol rub if applicable.