1. Collect, arrange items on trolley and send to bedside.
  2. Arrange items in order of use on chairs or a heart table.
  3. Place bottom sheet evenly on bed and tuck the sheet under the mattress at the top using enveloped corners.
  4. Pull sheet tight so that there are no creases and tuck the sheet under the mattress at the bottom using enveloped corners.
  5. Place draw mackintosh across bed and cover with draw sheet and tuck in.
  6. Place covered air rings in between the mackintosh and draw sheet.
  7. Place/ elevate back rest at top end of bed and arrange pillows in an arm chair-like fashion.
  8. Place top sheet on bed with the wrong side upper most and fold sheets over at the bottom.
  9. Place foot rest in position.
  10. Place heart table with covered pillows in position.
  11. Place sputum mug and bell within reach of patient.
  12. Provide pen and paper if patient is literate.
  13. Clear chairs/heart table, trolley, wash, dry hands or use alcohol rub if applicable.