1. Explain procedure to patient and provide privacy.
  2. Wash, dry hands and assemble the following:

a. Sterile indwelling catheter of correct size

b. Syringe filled with 5 – 10mls of normal saline/sterile water

c. Jug of warm water, soap and water

d. Sterile gloves

e. Sterile drape. Sterile fenestrated drape

f. Sterile cotton wool

g. Antiseptic cleansing agent

h. Urine bag

i. Lubricant e.g. xylocaine jelly

j. Intake and output chart

k. Urine specimen container and laboratory request form where applicable

l. Sterile forceps

m. Receiver (kidney dish)

n. Bedpan

3. Protect bed with mackintosh, towel and ensure adequate lighting.

4. Wash, dry hand and don gloves.

5. Instruct assistant to place patient in the supine position with knees flexed and legs separated.

6. Place bedpan under patient and wash perineum thoroughly with soap and water.

7. Clean patient, remove bedpan and drapes with a sterile towel.

8. Remove the gloves, wear sterile gloves and clean the vulva with an antiseptic cleaning agent.

9. Use the non-dominant hand to part the labia and establish a firm but gentle position.

10. Pick a cotton wool ball soaked in antiseptic solution with forceps in the dominant hand and swab one side of the labia majora from top to bottom, use a new ball for opposite side.

11. Repeat procedure for the labia minora, use another cotton wool ball to clean over the meatus.

12. Lubricate catheter with xylocaine jelly.

13. Insert catheter into the urethra gently about 5 – 7.5 cm.

14. Inflate the balloon of the catheter with the sterile water according to the manufacturer’s direction.

15. Collect a urine specimen if needed and allow 20 – 30mls to flow into the bottle without bottle touching the catheter.

16. Connect catheter to urine bag, hang to bed and secure in position.

17. Observe colour and note amount of urine.

18. Remove drape and make patient comfortable in bed and remove gloves.

19. Thank patient and discard trolley.

20. Wash, dry hands and document any abnormalities.