1. Establish rapport
  2. Make client comfortable
  3. Use the necessary visual aid to inform client about the family planning methods available
  4. Tell client about the action and effectiveness of all the methods
  5. Tell client the health benefits and potential risks
  6. Tell client about methods which do not protect against HIV/AIDS and STI’s
  7. Explain how to prevent contracting HIV.AIDS and STI’s when using the methods
  8. Ask about which methods interest the client
  9. Assess her knowledge about these methods
  10. Correct any misinformation that the client may have
  11. Answer questions that the client may have
  12. Ask about the client’s reproductive goals
  13. Assist client to make an informed choice of an appropriate method
  14. Conduct any additional assessment on client necessary for the method chosen
  15. Help the client to choose a different method if choice is unsuitable after the additional assessment
  16. Provide the method of choice if available or refer to the centre where service is available
  17. Record procedure/information in client’s card
  18. Encourage the client to return to the clinic anytime she/he has a problem
  19. Thank client and ask him/her to come again