1. Establish report and explain the procedure to the client
  2. Help client to empty bladder and provide privacy.
  3. Place mackintosh and towel under client and put client in dorsal position with knee flexed.
  4. Wash and dry hands, wear protective clothing
  5. Drape client and ask client to expose vulva
  6. Inspect and swab vulva
  7. Separate the labia minora and swab vestibule using a swab for each stroke
  8. Using the right hand, the middle and index fingers are inserted gently into the vagina pressing firmly downwards.
  9. Perform the vaginal examination gently
  10. Withdraw examining fingers and observe
  11. Tidy up the client, apply clean perineal pad
  12. Remove gloves, wash and dry hands
  13. Put client back in a comfortable position
  14. Communicate findings and thank her
  15. Observe infection prevention procedure
  16. Record and report findings.