1. Explain procedure to patient and establish rapport.
  2. Put on face mask, prepare and take trolley to bedside and provide privacy.
  3. Ask assistant to:   i. Put patient into desired position  ii. Protect bed clothes and expose wound
  4. Ask assistant to:   i. Pour out lotions  ii. Remove plaster or bandage
  5. Remove soiled dressing using dissecting forceps or disposable gloves and discard.
  6. Wash and dry hands and wear sterile gloves or use sterile forceps.
  7. Clean wound with sterile swabs soaked in a normal saline using sterile forceps or sterile gloves starting from the wound outward.
  8. Clean wound with series of swabs until clean.
  9. Apply sufficient sterile dressings and secure into position.
  10. Make patient comfortable in bed, inform patient about the state of the wound and thank him/her.
  11. Remove gloves, wash and dry hands, discard trolley, decontaminate instruments, remove screen.
  12. Wash, dry hands, document and report state of the wound.