1. Establish rapport
  2. Make them comfortable
  3. Ask client/couple about their reproductive goals
  4. Take a reproductive history of the client
  5. Take basic medical history
  6. Find out what client/couple already knows about the pill
  7. Correct all misinformation that the client has
  8. Tell client about oral contraceptive
  9. Discuss dual protection with the client
  10. Inform client that method can be discontinued at anytime
  11. Give as many packs as possible
  12. Give client instructions on how to take the pills correctly
  13. Tell client to repeat the instructions
  14. Ask client if she has any questions or concerns and answer appropriately
  15. Tell client when to return
  16. Encourage client to return at any time she has a question or problem
  17. Thank client and reminds her to come for follow up
  18. Record information in client’s card