1. Establish rapport
  2. Make client comfortable
  3. Ask client about their reproductive goals
  4. Provide counselling on male condom
  5. Teach client how to store and ascertain the potency of a condom
  6. Teach client how to open a condom package
  7. Demonstrate how to use a condom on a model
  8. Inform client the need to retract fore skin if uncircumcised
  9. Explain how the condom should be removed after ejaculation from the vagina
  10. Teach client how to dispose off used condom
  11. Tell client to wash hands after disposing off condom
  12. Allow client to do return demonstration using the model
  13. Inform client about dual protection
  14. Ask client if he/she has questions or concerns and answer appropriately
  15. Provide condoms to client
  16. Tell client to return to the same or nearest facility for follow up care and more supplies
  17. Wash hands, dry and document
  18. Record all information
  19. Thank him/her