1. Establish rapport
  2. Make client comfortable
  3. Ask client about her reproductive goals
  4. Ask client what she knows about intrauterine device
  5. Provide counselling on intrauterine device (IUD)
  6. Allow client to ask questions and answer appropriately
  7. Prepare client for physical and pelvic examination
  8. Ask client to empty bladder and help her unto the couch
  9. Conduct physical examination
  10. Drape appropriately for pelvic examination
  11. Wash, dry hands and put on examination gloves
  12. Arrange instruments and supplies on a sterile tray
  13. Provide adequate light
  14. Inspect external genitalia
  15. Perform bimanual examination
  16. Insert vaginal speculum
  17. Perform speculum examination
  18. Provide an overview of insertion procedure and remind client to report any pain
  19. Clean cervical os and vaginal wall with antiseptic lotion
  20. Grasp the cervix gently with a sterile tenaculum and apply gentle traction
  21. Insert a sterile uterine sound using the ‘non touch’ technique
  22. Remove gloves and discard according to infection prevention guidelines
  23. Load the IUD in its sterile package
  24. Wash, dry hands and put on examination gloves
  25. Insert the loaded IUD carefully and release it into the uterus using the withdrawal technique
  26. Remove tenaculum, examine cervix for bleeding and arrest if any
  27. Remove speculum and discard according to infection prevention (IP) guidelines
  28. Discard all instruments used according to infection prevention (IP) guidelines
  29. Wash, dry hands and document insertion of IUD in client’s card
  30. Provide post insertion instructions
  31. Observe client for at least 15 minutes before discharge
  32. Thank client

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