1. Set delivery trolley and infant resuscitation tray ready in the delivery room
  2. Inform client she is 2nd stage and transfer into delivery bed
  3. Ensure bladder of client is emptied
  4. Assist client to assume preferred position for delivery
  5. Scrub and put on protective clothing and clean client’s upper thighs and vulva if necessary
  6. Drape client and confirm full dilatation of cervical os
  7. Apply clean pad to anal region and instruct assistant to check F.H. after each contraction
  8. Instruct client to bear down with each contraction and to rest in between while reassuring client
  9. Maintain flexion as head advances
  10. Infiltrate perineum and make episiotomy if necessary
  11. Instruct client to pant when head crowns and deliver the rest of the head by extension
  12. Feel for the presence of cord around baby’s neck
  13. Clean baby’s eye and face
  14. Remind mother that baby will be delivered unto her abdomen as she waits for restitution and external rotation of the foetal head to take place
  15. Deliver anterior shoulder first and then posterior shoulder
  16. Deliver rest of the body gently unto the mother’s abdomen
  17. Note time of delivery and assess condition of baby
  18. Assess the presence of another foetus, if any
  19. Give oxytocin within one minute of delivery of baby
  20. Clamp cord and separate baby
  21. Clear airway if necessary and provide warmth
  22. Show baby to mother and congratulate her
  23. Apply identification band and keep baby confortable