1. Establish rapport and explain procedure to patient.
  2. Assemble necessary items.
  3. Ensure privacy.
  4. Wash, dry hands and put patient in the supine position.
  5. Place mackintosh and towel under patient.
  6. Cover patient up so that only genital area is exposed.
  7. Remove anchor device to free catheter tubing, wash, dry hands and wear sterile gloves.
  8. Don sterile gloves, clean vulva using cotton wool swab and antiseptic solution towards anus, cleans urethral meatus, moving down the catheter.
  9. Inspect urethral meatus for discharge
  10. Use cotton wool swab soaked in antiseptic lotion, wipe in a circular motion along the length of catheter and anchor it back.
  11. Apply antibiotic ointment at urethral meatus and along 2.5cm of catheter if ordered by Physician/Surgeon.
  12. Remove gloves, wash, dry hands, and place patient in a safe and comfortable position and remove screen.
  13. Discard tray/trolley, wash, dry hands, record and report findings.