1. Establish rapport and explain procedure to patient.
  2. Check the physician’s order for the type of medication and the rights of medication administration.
  3. Check medication label and be sure before reconstituting as per manufacturer’s instructions especially expiry date.
  4. Wash, dry hands, reconstitute, examine for cloudiness and sediments.
  5. Draw medication and expel air from the barrel of the syringe.
  6. Protect bed linen with a dressing mackintosh and towel and position patient comfortably.
  7. Wash, dry hands, wear gloves and clean entry port of cannula with methylated spirit and cotton wool swab.
  8. Fix syringe into the entry port of cannula and push medication slowly using the push-stop-push-stop technique till administration is completed whiles observing patient for any reaction.
  9. Continue observing patient even after injecting medication 5 to 10 minutes later.
  10. Encourage patient to inform the nurse for any adverse reaction.
  11. Thank patient and make him comfortable in bed.
  12. Remove dressing mackintosh, towel and discard used items.
  13. Wash, dry hands and record procedure on treatment chart and on the nurses’ notes.