1. Welcome patient and relatives to the nurses’ station and make them comfortable.
  2. Introduce self (nurse) and any staff present.
  3. Collect necessary documents, admission notes and any other information from the accompanying nurse.
  4. Identify and confirm patient’s name, particulars and reassure him/her and relatives.
  5. Send patient to bedside and introduce him/her to other patients near him/her.
  6. Check vital signs and record.
  7. Inform charge nurse of any urgent prescribed medication.
  8. Assist patient to change into his/her night gown or pyjamas.
  9. Ask patient to declare valuables if any and inform charge nurse for safe keeping.
  10. Explain National Health Insurance System to patient and relative(s).
  11. Orientate patient/relative(s) to ward.
  12. Inform relative(s) about visiting time as well as other ward activities and allow relative(s) to see patient and bid goodbye.
  13. Enter patient’s name into admission, discharge book and Daily Ward State.
  14. Document on nurses’ notes and plans care.