1. Identify patient’s name by mentioning the name and check treatment sheet against doctor’s order.
  2. Explain procedure to patient and send tray to the bedside.
  3. Check for the right patient, right medication, right time, right dose, ensure patient’s right to know/consent and to refuse.
  4. Read the label on the package and compare with patient’s treatment sheet.
  5. Remove the package, check the label of the package and compare with patient’s treatment sheet for the third time.
  6. Pour out water into the drinking glass or cup.
  7. Take the tablet with a spoon.
  8. Give the tablet to the patient and ensure patient swallows it.
  9. Congratulate patient and make him comfortable in bed.
  10. Discard tray, wash and dry hands.
  11. Document procedure in the nurses’ notes and chart on treatment sheet.