1. Identify patient by mentioning the name and check treatment sheet against doctor’s order.
  2. Establish rapport and explain procedure to patient and encourage him/her to empty bowel.
  3. Observe the rights of medication.
  4. Send tray to bedside and provide privacy.
  5. Assist patient to the left lateral or left Sim’s position, with the upper leg flexed.
  6. Protect bed with dressing mackintosh and towel at the buttocks.
  7. Fold back the top bedclothes to expose the buttocks.
  8. Wash, dry hands, don gloves and clean anal area with cotton wool swabs.
  9. Remove gloves, wash and dry hands.
  10. Remove medication, check label and compare with the patient’s treatment sheet the third time.
  11. Wear gloves, unwrap the suppository, encourage the patient to relax by breathing through the mouth.
  12. Insert the suppository gently into the rectum using the gloved index finger and press the patient’s buttocks together for few minutes.
  13. Ask the patient to remain in the left lateral or supine position at least for (5) minutes or according to manufacturer’s instruction.
  14. Congratulate patient and make him/her comfortable in bed.
  15. Remove gloves, clear tray, wash and dry hands.
  16. Document procedure on treatment sheet and nurses’ notes.