1. Identify and check for the right patient, right medication, right time, right dose and ensure patient’s right to know/consent and to refuse.
  2. Inform patient and send tray to bedside.
  3. Identify patient by mentioning the name and check with treatment sheet.
  4. Read and compare the label on the bottle with patient’s treatment sheet.
  5. Shake the bottle well.
  6. Remove the cork and hold it with the little or ring finger, compare label on the bottle a second time with patient’s treatment sheet.
  7. Pick the medicine glass and with the thumb nail marks the level of the measure to be taken.
  8. Pour out the prescribed dose at eye level in the bright light, holding the bottle with the label upper most.
  9. Replace the cork, read the label a third time, compare with patient’s treatment sheet and dosage.
  10. Carry medicine to the patient on a tray or saucer, a teaspoon may be added for stirring if it is a suspension.
  11. Supervise patient to drink the medicine and serve water if necessary.
  12. Congratulate patient and make him/her comfortable in bed.
  13. Discard tray, wash and dry hands.
  14. Document procedure and sign treatment sheet.