1. Establish rapport and explain procedure.
  2. Check physician’s order for the type of medication and the rights of medication administration.
  3. Ensure quality of the medication (check for cloudiness, sediments, particles and expiry date).
  4. Place infusion stand at the side of the bed.
  5. Hang bottle/bag on drip stand.
  6. Protect bed with a dressing mackintosh and towel.
  7. Remove the cap from the other end of the giving set.
  8. Connect giving set, fill chamber half way and expel air.
  9. Wash, dry hands, don gloves and clean entry port of cannula with antimicrobial solution (methylated spirit).
  10. Connect giving set to the cannula via entry port.
  11. Regulate the flow rate as ordered and ensure it is flowing.
  12. Make patient comfortable in bed and instruct him to notify nurses when there is a problem (adverse reaction).
  13. Remove giving set from cannula after completion and cover the entry port.
  14. Thank patient, discard tray, wash and dry hands.
  15. Record time of setting up medication, name of medication and amount on the intake and output chart and treatment chart.
  16. Document procedure in nurses notes.