1. Explain procedure to client
  2. Place hand on fundus to feel for contraction
  3. Release the forceps and clamp cord closer to the vulva
  4. Place hand just above the symphysis pubis with palm facing the umbilicus
  5. Apply gentle counter traction in an upward direction
  6. Hold the forceps horizontally and apply traction on the cord
  7. Receive placenta into both hands and coax membranes out
  8. Receive placenta and membranes
  9. Examine the genital tract
  10. Rub up the uterus to expel clots and to initiate contraction
  11. Measure blood loss
  12. Tidy up client, apply clean perennial pad and congratulate her
  13. Communicate findings and thank her
  14. Make client comfortable or move client into 4th stage room
  15. Observe infection prevention techniques
  16. Record findings and report to the in-charge